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For the 2nd Congress of Syriza

14.10.2016 - 15:00
(updated: 24.10.2016 - 15:10)
  • Petra
Attending the congress: CPF General secretary Petra Packalén / picture SKP

From the Communist Party of Finland


Central Committee of Syriza
Syriza 2nd Congress
13.-16. October 2016

Dear comrades

For the Communist Party of Finland, Greece and Syriza are facing times of historical responsibility. 2nd congress of Syriza plays an important role in whole Europe, constructing answers how to get out of the crises. 
People in Europe share situation of extreme neoliberal austerity. Currently all European development is a serious threat on peoples participatory democracy, human rights and peace. We wish the 2nd congress of Syriza success because Greece and Syriza have an important position in the international class struggle. 
Better, fair and socially just future cannot be resolved within just a single country in Greece or in Finland alone, but instead requires extensive co-operation and a broad front. Syriza itself is a remarkable example of a possibility to unify forces for united fight.

What has happened in Greece these last years (the bailout negotiations in 2015, repeated elections and the referendum ect.) could reoccur elsewhere in Europe and with increasingly drastic variations. The direction of Europe cannot be altered unless there is a determined class struggle waged by the Left and the labour movement. Capitalism, the most destructive economic system for nature, animals and humans, must come to an end. That has to be in the interests of trade unionists as well as making the unions stronger and more political.
A central issue for all communist and Left movements at present is to draw conclusions on the current situation in Europe and the Eurozone. Greece, Spain and Portugal form one facet of the class struggle in Europe, and as such their victories and examples are important
The Communist Party of Finland stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people against cuts and economic austerity. We are in solidarity with everyone involved in those struggles and we stress that winning it requires wide-ranging co-operation between all Left and communist forces in Greece, in Finland, in Europe and globally.

Comradely in Solidarity
Long live united Class Struggle
Long Live Internationalism
Long Live Solidarity


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