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Finland must reject military partnership with USA and NATO membership option

28.05.2010 - 19:35
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
The Communist Party of Finland expresses its alarm and protest regarding the gradually more solid coupling of our country with the functions of the imperialist military alliance NATO.

Our partnership with NATO has emphasized military action and the role of the military in Finnish security policy at the cost of peace policy, development cooperation and foreign policy leadership. Finland is also being tied up with NATO by the ever growing arms deals, the increasing participation of Finland in NATO war games, the involvement of our country in NATO military operations in the Arctic region and the Baltic Sea, as well as the participation of our country in the functions of the NATO cyber warfare centre located in Tallinn.

The dangers of a Finnish NATO partnership and the connection of our country to a NATO membership are highlighted by the new strategic concept of NATO that goes against the UN charter and the principles of international justice. According to this concept the military organization's field of interest covers the entire world and the use of force is authorized all around the globe. The dangerousness is further underscored by the nuclear first strike policy assumed by NATO, the expansionism of NATO, the surrounding of Russia with NATO military bases, the intentions to build a so-called missile defense shield near Russian borders that allows for first strike capability, and the plans for the militarization of space. While the USA and Russia have reached a treaty on the partial reduction of nuclear weaponry, the US administration has not committed itself to refraining from a nuclear first strike or the development of new weapons of mass destruction.

This NATO strategic concept not only weakens and supersedes the entire post-WWII international organization of diplomacy and security, but is a direct attack against it. The concept also accelerates the militarization of Europe and the involvement of European troops in wars around the world. This is strengthened by the development of EU military operations in line with the Lisbon treaty, in close cooperation with NATO.

The CPF appeals to all supporters of peaceful politics to reject partnership with NATO and the option of membership. Anti-war and anti-NATO candidates are also needed in the coming presidential elections.

Finnish troops out of Afghanistan

An illustrative indication of the dangers inherent in Finnish NATO partnership and membership option is the war in Afghanistan. The conflict in Afghanistan is not a peacekeeping operation but a war of occupation and a civil war, the casualties of which are mostly civilian. It is also a war to secure the strategic and energy interests of the US. And there will be no end to the war without a solution through political negotiations.

Peace in the region grows from the Afghans themselves and its first prerequisite is to pull out all foreign troops and silence the guns. Instead of an escalation in warfare funds must be directed to the reconstruction of the country.

The deployment of Finnish troops in Afghanistan, once unanimously passed by the Finnish parliament, has ever more clearly turned out to be a serious mistake. It has also made Finland a participant in a war. Speeches about human rights have been a mere smokescreen to hide the fact the war in Afghanistan is a pawn for NATO partnership and preparation for a NATO membership, paid by the Finnish political elite to the USA.

The CPF demands the pulling out of all Finnish troops from Afghanistan and an end to the training of Afghan military in Finland. The Finnish capability to act as peace mediators or engage in civilian crisis management will be improved if Finnish troops are no longer participants in a war. We must return to the path of military non-alignment and politics of peace.

Anti-imperialist solidarity

A serious concern for peace is also raised and the importance of anti-war and anti-imperialist action stressed by the aggression of Israel against the people of Palestine, the continuing war of occupation in Iraq, the Caucasian conflicts and the US actions against the progressive countries of Latin America. Military command AFRICOM, founded by the US, strengthens militarism in Africa too.

The CPF thinks the EU and the UN should make clear they do not accept any right for Israel to set conditions for humanitarian aid in Gaza. The Finnish government must condemn the illegal founding of Israeli settlements on occupied territories of Palestine and demand Israeli to withdraw from all territories Israel has occupied since 1967. The recognition of the rights of the people of Palestine is a basic condition to ending the circle of violence that has lasted for decades.

The CPF encourages all friends of peace and Palestine to join in a boycott against Israeli products until Israel ends its occupation and recognizes the rights of the Palestinian people. The Finnish government must stop all the arms-trade with Israeli companies. For example companies Elbit and Rafael produce arms and military technology that is used in war-crimes against Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finland must step up to oppose the threats of an attack against Iran by the USA and Israel. In the dispute over the construction of Iranian nuclear power, Iran and the UN Security Council must find a peaceful solution that respects the security and sovereignty of all countries and strengthens human rights and civil liberties.

The crumbling of the post-Cold War unipolar world order and its advancement towards multipolarity may open positive possibilities for international development. The dominance of the USA is weakening and the role of large developing countries, such as China, India, Brazil and South Africa, is especially growing.

An important example of the possibilities of anti-imperialist progress are the efforts of Latin American leftist governments to develop reforms and cooperation based on justice, equality and the peoples' right to self-determination. In addition to Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and several other Latin American countries have aligned themselves to build the socialism of the 21st century.

The CPF demands an end to the US-declared blockade against Cuba and condemns the participation by a majority of the members of the European Parliament in anti-Cuban political pressuring. The CPF does not accept the efforts to subjugate relations with Latin America to EU free trade ideology. At the same time the CPF demands actions to end the military coup d'état in Honduras so the country can return to the path of a legally elected president and democratic reforms.

Congress of the Communist Party of Finland 15.-16.5.2010: