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Viva Polisario! – Solidarity to Sahrawi People´s Right for Sovereignty and Free West Sahara

22.12.2015 - 09:58
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)
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European Left Delegation at the 14. Polisario Congress in the picture from left JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen chairman of the Communist Party of Finland, Katrin Voss, Die Linke Germany, Member of the EL African Working Group, Polisario Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, Piera Muccigrosso, European Left Office Brussels,


Believe me I have been writing political speeches and trust me I have been signing several statements of solidarity. But you might not believe me - I just stepped into my first Sahrawi-tent here in Dajla.

Dear participants of the 14.the Polisario congress, leadership of the national liberation front

My Sahrawi-tent is the most beautiful with flowers in the ceiling, in one corner a blue tea can and colorful tapestry everywhere. Outside a natural catastrophe, collapsed houses and cry for a needed change. Next to all of this a radical platform – the congress.

Dear Sahrawi people,

I congratulate you for this congress. Now whenever this radical platform is needed.  I listened yesterday to your Secretary General Mohamed Abdelaziz – a vice man, a man of peace and a man of building bridges. Abdelaziz said yesterday in his report to the National Secretariat that” Cooperation with the international efforts aiming to reach a peaceful and just solution is the main option today; the cease fire does not mean the end of the liberation war”.

Dear comrades,

This platform is a platform of liberation war. Struggle for a sovereign and free West Sahara continues from this platform.  Struggle for a sovereign and free West Sahara continues from the family tent that offers me stay during the congress.

I congratulate you dear Sahrawi-people. You have the vice words and vice plans from your leaders. I congratulate you dear Sahrawi-people you have the families who despite the nature catastrophes and the occupation still have the spirit and power to construct new homes with flower ceilings. Future is done with both of these two; wisdom of the words and human power, love and resistance e to stand up for your rights.

Dear Sahrawi- women, Dear Sahrawi- men

You made this speech possible like the endless cups of tea I drunk in the tent of dreams. I trust in my feelings.  I trust in you. World needs open hearts and radicals to construct new societies.  Working men and working women - Let´s construct the future not alone among ourselves only, but let´s construct new societies together with others who might not think exactly like us, who might not have studied the same important “books” like we have, but let´s construct the new societies together with those who want to have a change in current situation of occupation and austerity.

As a feminist I wish to see that the future construction means radical talks for a new society based human rights and equality of sexes. I can´t see it happen without an open call to defend minorities rights.

As communist I wish to see a construction of a society that from its roots on, it is based on working people’s rights and new structures that liberate us all human beings and the nature from the capitalist’s slavery and oppression.

Towards the freedom!

Towards the victory!

Towards the Free World and Free West-Sahara!