CPFinland sends Solidarity to Iraq people
JP Väisänen
- 07.10.2019
Communist Party of Finland message of Solidarity to Iraqi people, the Communist Party of Iraq and their uprising.
JP Väisänen
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 14.06.2019
Chairperson Väisänen sees that one of the main tasks for SKP today is to unify radical leftist, ecologically and with feminist ideas conscious forces to create ecologically socialist and democratic community of solidarity for the battle of survival against capitalist hegemony.
Congress, Communist Party of Finland, Porvoo, 2019
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 04.06.2019
The Communist Party of Finland Party Congress takes place 15.-16 of June in Porvoo at House of Culture "Grand" Piispankatu 28.
Venäjän, Tanskan, Norjan ja Suomen kommunistit koolla Inarissa.
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 02.06.2019
General secretary of Communist Party of Finland Tiina Sandberg talked about Arctic railway in international northern communists meeting Calotte conference in Ivalo.
Beijing, Renmin University, Wanshou Forum, JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen, CPC, China
Suomen kommunistinen puolue
- 28.02.2019
Chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen in his "70 Years of Socialism in China” - Wanshou seminar speech in Beijing said that Communist Party of China has leading global initiative involving world progressive, leftist and communist forces to an active part in political dialogue for a better world towards socialism.