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International Demonstration and Seminar against Neo-liberalism and War - Helsinki 9.-10.9.2006

23.10.2006 - 18:07
(updated: 06.06.2016 - 13:48)

The agenda of the Summit Meeting of heads of States from Europe and Asia did not meet essential needs and goals regarding workers rights, social security, democracy, peace and socially and ecologically sustainable development. But these issues were high on the agenda during the broad-based demonstration on 9th of September in Helsinki as well as in the International seminar held on 10th of September.

The Seminar organised by the Communist Party of Finland was an opportunity to share experience and to discuss common action against neo-liberalism and war. Representatives from many Asian and European left parties and movements spoke at the seminar, among them representatives from the World Federation of Trade Unions, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Finnish Peace Committee and other social movements.

The President of the Communist Party of Finland, Yrjö Hakanen criticised the contradiction between words and actions, which has marked the Finnish Presidency. While speaking of transparency and democracy the government promotes the adoption of the neo-liberal Constitution for Europe, despite the fact that the majority of citizens, among other in Finland, oppose the Constitution. The Government speaks of better governance of globalisation, but does not mention the unjust and unequal character of the present globalisation. In supporting the Lisbon strategy and the Bolkestein Directive it promotes decisions, which transform many basic rights of each citizen into commodities and are against the workers’ rights. Although the government of Finland says to be worried about the climatic change, it opposes the imposition of new and more ambitious binding restrictions on emissions. The government abandoned the traditional position of military non-alignment and takes part in EU combat forces thus bringing Finland step by step closer to Nato membership.

The speakers at the Seminar underlined the need for cooperation among left wing forces in their activity against war and neo-liberal globalisation. They demanded to put an end to the occupation of Iraq and Palestine. Moreover, they condemned the aggressive policy of the USA against countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela. They underlined the need for intensification of the antiwar movement and of solidarity with the people who are victims of imperialist aggression. Speakers opposed the efforts to revive the neo-liberal EU Draft Constitution, the Service Directive and the privatisation of social, health, education and other public services. The international gathering of communist and workers’ parties next November in Lisbon as well as the World Social Forum in Nairobi and the alternative summit on the occasion of the G8 meeting in Heiligendaum, Germany next June, were perceived as important events for the development of common action.

The Communist Party of Finland

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